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  Our Simple Process
The experience of Lasik and CK vision correction is an exciting, life-changing event. Dr. Lingua is committed to helping you feel comfortable, at ease and fully informed every step of the way.
Usually, Lasik and CK treatments last about five to ten minutes for each eye, depending on the amount of correction required. The treatment is painless, though some patients may experience eye pressure during the procedure.
You’ll be at the center for about two hours, for the 'before and after’ care. Vision improvement is often noted immediately following the surgery, and vision will continue to improve over the next two to three days following the procedure.
For the first week, patients must wear protective clear eye shields when asleep. You can resume normal activities the day after the procedure, but should not swim or use spas or Jacuzzis for the first week.
Above all, remember that Dr. Lingua and his caring and knowledgeable staff are with you throughout the office visit and the procedure. Dr. Lingua's office is close to several restaurants, entertainment areas, historical sites and other community landmarks. If you will be accompanying a friend or family member during a procedure, we encourage you to explore the cities of Fullerton and Brea. The following is a list of sites you may want to visit during your friend or family member's procedure:

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