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Dr. Robert W. Lingua has performed over 20,000 Lasik procedures in his career, treating many close friends, children, sports figures, executives, and even over 100 eye doctors.

In fact, almost every procedure he performs has been on referral from another eye doctor, or a past happy patient.

Dr. Lingua is also North Orange County's first leading specialist for Conductive Keratoplasty (CK), an exciting new procedure that helps farsighted patients reduce or actually replace their reading glasses.

For patients with Keratoconus, a progressive distortion of the cornea, there has not been any hope for vision improvement, short of a corneal transplant.

Intacs©, FDA-approved for myopia, has been successfully implanted in patients with Keratocones, to improve their vision. Dr. Lingua is also North Orange County's first Intacs surgeon.

Dr. Lingua graduated from St. Francis College in New York in 1971 and received his medical degree from the University of Southern California in 1975. He completed his Ophthalmology training at the College of Medicine in New Jersey and received his Board Certification in Ophthalmology in 1981, holding continuous academic appointments since.

During his fellowship in Pediatric Ophthalmology in 1981, Dr. Lingua popularized the early use of the retinal diode laser to preserve sight in premature infants.

Although he has been performing laser refractive surgery since 1996, Dr. Lingua continues his expertise in other refractive technologies and surgical advances for pediatric, glaucoma and cataract patients.

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